About Me

I am an experienced writing professional with a proven track record of delivering results. I excel in an ever-evolving content environment while striving to deliver the highest quality results with an eye to the bottom line. I have succeeded in taking print businesses into the modern digital era, and I intimately understand a wide variety of content creation. I have specialized in creating award-winning print and digital content, and successfully managing and improving websites. I have published hundreds of articles and have a passion for creating amazing content.


  • Advanced writing and editing skills
  • Expertise in launching and managing email campaigns
  • Skilled in SEO, social media, and website management
  • Advanced knowledge of technology and media trends in both print and digital
  • Website management and blog writing
  • Google Analytics and tracking metrics

Managing Editor, DiningOut Magazine                                   2017-2018

  • National Managing Editor of 10 separate publications.
  • Ran and edited all website and print content.
  • Kept to tight deadlines across both web and print.
  • Implemented new digital strategies of content creation.
  • Oversaw dozens of writers and editors.

Executive Editor, Innovation & Tech Today                             2015-2017

  • Ran the editorial operations of a national, technology-oriented lifestyle magazine sold in every Barnes & Noble across the world.
  • Implemented an aggressive strategy to improve the overall quality of the writing by recruiting a mix of younger talent and more established voices while reducing an already tight budget.
  • Worked closely with the PR departments of major motion picture studios. Arranged and often personally conducted interviews with Bill Nye, Neil DeGrasse Tyson, Scarlett Johansson, Dr. Lisa Randall, Kevin Hart, James Cameron, Josh Brolin, Kimbal Musk, Ron Pearlman, Mike Rowe, Dan Carlin, and Joe Rogan among many others. I was able to showcase a wide range of interesting topics by arranging interviews with scientists, CEOs, movie stars, celebrities, and athletes.
  • The magazine was awarded best B2C magazine of 2016 by Nichee Awards for Niche publications in March of 2017.
  • Worked closely with the CEO running the day-to-day operations as well as managing the editors, writers, photographers, and interns.
  • Published over 50 articles for the magazine on topics ranging from Bitcoin, politics & tech, movies, medical innovations, and internet dating, among many others.
  • Managed the website content, and oversaw an overhaul of the site; under my direction, in 10 months the website went from being ranked 1.8 million by Alexa in the US to being a top 100,000 ranked site.
  • Worked with the creative director on a daily basis to design layouts with InDesign and create appealing layouts.

Chief Operating Officer, Senior Directory                                 2012-2015

  • Began in operations and was promoted to COO in 2014.
  • Ran operations for a company with yearly sales of $5 million, focusing on sales support, editing, content creation, accounts receivable and payable, and website management.
  • Maintained a .9% bad debt reserve while dealing with several hundred advertisers.
  • Helped design and implement a $100,000 website project that immediately began ranking for dozens of localized organic SEO terms.
  • Worked closely with the publishing company to ensure publication of 15 different magazines in markets we printed in.
  • Oversaw editing and writing for both the website and the magazines in markets across the country.

 Freelance Editor & Writer                                                          2009-2018

  • Completed hundreds of projects that demanded a wide range of editing and writing skills from high school and undergrad level tutoring, Masters and Ph.D. thesis editing, blog writing, movie reviews, journalism, technical editing for corporations, and product descriptions.
  • Published 4 fiction short stories.
  • Ghost wrote a memoir for the children and grandchildren of a client.
  • By necessity became skilled in writing in a variety of voices for a wide range of audiences.
  • Completed all projects on time and under budget.


University of Denver, Creative Writing BA, History Minor

  • Attended the University of Denver with a 4.0 in English classes. Inducted into the International English Honors Society, Sigma Tau Delta in 2008.

University of London, Goldsmiths  

  • Studied abroad at the vibrant London art school, and completed the advanced creative writing program.

The University of Bern, Masters Program in English Literature

  • Studied at the prestigious University of Bern in Switzerland