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Expedia on the Benefits of Tech Neutrality

One of the biggest debates in our industry this year has been over the acquisitions of reservation tech companies Bokun and FareHarbor by online travel agencies (OTAs) TripAdvisor and, respectively. But for other OTAs, could there be an advantage to sitting out of the acquisition frenzy? Expedia Local Expert Vice President Jen O’Twomney thinks so. Speaking at Arival in Las Vegas with Arival COO and co-founder Bruce Rosard, she noted that as consolidation has transformed the industry, Expedia has been positioned as a truly independent voice.  In this wide-ranging interview, O’Twomney touches on a variety of issues related to Expedia and the future of the industry in general.

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Using Humor to Sell Stuff

Humor can be one of the great tools to help sell your products to consumers. DJ O’Neil, CEO and creative director of Hub Strategy, has made a career out helping companies sell their products by making people laugh. He’s the brains behind advertising campaigns for SlingBox, Dropcam, the Oakland A’s, as well as big brands in tourism, such as Viator and the National Aquarium.

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How Much Is Your Experience Worth?

Pricing can be one of the most difficult decisions a company can make. There are many issues to consider: your costs, competitors, seasonality, discounting, and what your customers would be willing to pay, among many others. There’s no silver bullet to find the perfect price point, but if you are adaptable and committed to providing great service, customers will usually be willing to pay that price.

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