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Smashing Our Understanding of Physics

Buried nearly 570 feet beneath the ground, and stretching over 17 miles on the idyllic French-Swiss border, lies the largest, most powerful machine that humanity has ever produced. The Large Hadron Collider (LHC) is a particle accelerator of unparalleled size and scope that seeks to shed light on some of the greatest mysteries of the universe. By firing protons at nearly the speed of light and crashing them into each other, discoveries relating to the nature of the Big Bang, dark matter, and even parallel universes have begun to emerge. Renowned for its discovery of the Higgs Boson particle, the LHC and the scientists who run it are on the forefront of physics in the modern era. Read more “Smashing Our Understanding of Physics”


Lisa Randall: Enlightened on Dark Matter

Dr. Lisa Randall is a scientist who is comfortable pondering the enigmatic reaches of the universe and trying to make sense of it. She has been named one of Time Magazine’s 100 most influential people in the world and is the Frank B. Baird, Jr. Professor of Science at Harvard University. She is the author of numerous books, including The New York Times bestsellers Warped Passages: Unraveling the Mysteries of the Universe’s Hidden Dimensions and Knocking on Heaven’s Door: How Physics and Scientific Thinking Illuminate the Universe and the Modern World. These books seek to elucidate difficult-to-grasp aspects of particle physics.
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You Are What You Eat: Interview with Kimbal Musk

Kimbal Musk unapologetically wants to change the world. We all entertain these notions at times, but he is the rare individual who can actually accomplish such a lofty goal. His older brother receives more attention, but in the same way that Elon Musk is seeking to smash the existing paradigm of transportation, Kimbal wants to transform the industrial food culture in the U.S. Read more “You Are What You Eat: Interview with Kimbal Musk”


Scarlett Johansson on Acting, Technology, and Ghost in the…

Science fiction is said to hold a mirror to the present. And, because of that, one might think it wouldn’t have much staying power – that after each decade we would cast off the old commentary and never give it another look. However, since Shelley’s Frankenstein in 1818, the genre has been home to classics that, because of their narrative richness or technological foresight, remain relevant.

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The Martian Chronicles: Looking at a Future of Human…

In November 2016, an international crew of six astronauts will embark on a perilous journey to an unforgiving planet, extremely hostile to life, aboard the ship Daedalus. They will be humanity’s beginning towards exploring other worlds, as they seek to establish the first colony and life on Mars. Named after the Roman god of war, Mars will present a myriad of dangers that may align to kill Daedalus’ crew. If they succeed, they may position our species on a trajectory of interstellar exploration for the next millennia. Read more “The Martian Chronicles: Looking at a Future of Human Life on Mars”


Bill Nye Pulls No Punches

Innovation & Tech Today: Why are events like the USA Science & Engineering Festival so important?

Bill Nye

Bill Nye: Well, the big thing we all talk about continually is hands-on learning. You want kids to be able to touch things – not just watch them. Everybody agrees: it is important to give students an opportunity to really touch things and really see things. All of our technology and our food and our weather reports – everything comes from a relatively disease-free society compared to a hundred years ago. That’s all a result of science, so of course you want to get kids excited about that. But also, from a practical standpoint, you get to get kids excited about engineering jobs.

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Is the EmDrive the Future of Space Travel?

A secret NASA project was recently revealed, and it is rocking our very understanding of physics. It may alter the trajectory of the entire human race. The project? It’s called the EmDrive (short for “electromagnetic drive”), and it is about as controversial as anything in physics today.

One of the fundamental limitations of manned space travel is the ability to carry enough fuel for a round trip. Our ships are too slow and require too much fuel to get to the next solar system, never mind the next galaxy. For instance, it would take approximately seven months just to get to Mars. The EmDrive may change all of this. Read more “Is the EmDrive the Future of Space Travel?”


Girls, Science, and Nerdy Talk Conversation with Cara Santa…

Cara Santa Maria is a rock star in the scientific community and has dedicated her life to advancing scientific knowledge for the public. She holds an M.S. in neurobiology from the University of Texas, and has published research on topics ranging from the neuropsychology of blindness to computational neurophysiology. She has been on a guest on CNN, Fox News, BBC America and the Travel Channel, among others. Cara was also the senior science correspondent for The Huffington Post and is a regular contributor to “Tech Know” on Al Jazeera America.

We caught up with Cara to talk about her new podcast “Talk Nerdy”, getting girls more excited about science, and why she’s optimistic about the future. Read more “Girls, Science, and Nerdy Talk Conversation with Cara Santa Maria”


Michio Kaku is at Home in the Future


When Michio Kaku was in fourth grade, he happened upon a riddle.

Not one of the monumental queries that would consume his later life. No, this one was simple. Leafing through a pamphlet, a young Kaku saw the question, “What do physicists and baseball players have in common?” Curious, he turned the page to read the answer: “They both get paid to do what they love.”

Now globally renowned, Dr. Michio Kaku is one of the great popular scientists of our age. A co-founder of string theory, this theoretical physicist has a flair for engaging the masses with education – with appearances in numerous television shows and viral videos. Not to mention, he’s a three-time New York Times #1 bestselling author. Read more “Michio Kaku is at Home in the Future”