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Dan Carlin Talks Hardcore History

The podcast has forever disrupted traditional radio and how people get information in general. Perusing iTunes leads one to the conclusion that there is a podcast for every conceivable genre, interest, or hobby. From knitting to the Austrian School Of Economics, you can find a podcast to explore any subject you’re interested in, and some of the top ones routinely bring in millions of listeners every month. With Hardcore History, Dan Carlin constructs massive, meticulously researched, 25+ hour opuses about topics in history from WWI to Genghis Khan. His podcasts provide a deep dive into a variety of fascinating topics from history. Read more “Dan Carlin Talks Hardcore History”


Mike Rowe Tells it how it is

I&T Today: How did the Podcast come about? Also, why did you decide to go with a much shorter format compared to other podcasts?

Mike Rowe: Like a lot of people, I remember the late great Paul Harvey and “The Rest of the Story” with great fondness. His short mysteries were ideally suited for the curious mind with a short attention span, and let’s face it – attention spans have never been shorter than today, so I thought the time might be right to revisit Harvey’s unique brand of story-telling. Obviously, I have no hope of filling his shoes, but I’m honored to follow in his footsteps.

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Is the EmDrive the Future of Space Travel?

A secret NASA project was recently revealed, and it is rocking our very understanding of physics. It may alter the trajectory of the entire human race. The project? It’s called the EmDrive (short for “electromagnetic drive”), and it is about as controversial as anything in physics today.

One of the fundamental limitations of manned space travel is the ability to carry enough fuel for a round trip. Our ships are too slow and require too much fuel to get to the next solar system, never mind the next galaxy. For instance, it would take approximately seven months just to get to Mars. The EmDrive may change all of this. Read more “Is the EmDrive the Future of Space Travel?”


Made For TV: Carrie Baird of “Top Chef”

Executive Chef Carrie Baird of Bar Dough represents Denver on Bravo’s reality competition series “Top Chef”

Executive Chef Carrie Baird of Bar Dough is one busy lady. After stints at rioja and Euclid Hall, Baird made time to join the season 15 cast of “Top Chef.” DiningOut chatted with Baird about her experience on the show and where Denver is heading as a food destination.

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Exclusive Interview with Jon Spaihts, the Writer of Prometheus…

I sat down with Jon Spaihts, the writer of hit films Prometheusthe Marvel movie Dr. Strange, and his new sci-fi epic Passengersstarring Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt. He told me about the struggle of getting the film made, the challenge of writing movies that are part of a larger cinematic universe and the sci-fi writers who influenced him. Read more “Exclusive Interview with Jon Spaihts, the Writer of Prometheus and Passengers”


Ryanair Makes a Play For Event Ticketing

Purchasing a ticket to cheer for your favorite team may be getting easier. Ryanair, one of Europe’s largest airlines, announced last week a strategic partnership with Coras, a Dublin-based online ticketing platform. The partnership will allow Ryanair to sell football tickets directly to their customers, as they are booking their trip. Initially, La Liga games featuring, Atlético Madrid, Espanyol, and Málaga as well as Toulouse FC in France’s Ligue 1, will be available for sale with more teams to follow.

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Girls, Science, and Nerdy Talk Conversation with Cara Santa…

Cara Santa Maria is a rock star in the scientific community and has dedicated her life to advancing scientific knowledge for the public. She holds an M.S. in neurobiology from the University of Texas, and has published research on topics ranging from the neuropsychology of blindness to computational neurophysiology. She has been on a guest on CNN, Fox News, BBC America and the Travel Channel, among others. Cara was also the senior science correspondent for The Huffington Post and is a regular contributor to “Tech Know” on Al Jazeera America.

We caught up with Cara to talk about her new podcast “Talk Nerdy”, getting girls more excited about science, and why she’s optimistic about the future. Read more “Girls, Science, and Nerdy Talk Conversation with Cara Santa Maria”


Tesla Electrifies the Road

Elon Musk and Tesla have taken a leap forward in driving the auto industry towards a more sustainable, electric future. On March 21st, 2016 the new Tesla 3 was unveiled to an astounding amount of hype and fanfare in Los Angeles. It is the third model from the Palo Alto based electric vehicle company, following the Model X and Model S, however, it is poised to radically alter the car industry around the world in ways that its predecessors where unable to. Read more “Tesla Electrifies the Road”


More Funding for Attractions Tech

GlobalTix, a Singapore-headquartered software startup for attractions ticketing and distribution, fo has raised $9 million in series A funding from Tin Men Capital.

The funding is the latest in a series of investments into startups providing distribution and ticketing technology specifically for attractions and events. In November Tiqets and Festicket both announced new venture rounds, while Australia’s Roller Software raised $7 million this past summer.

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Marcella’s Dishes Out Old-School Italian Favorites in LoHi

Giant meatballs for the win

Located in a large space that evokes the best of Italian-American cuisine, Marcella’s {1801 Central Street, Denver; 720.484.5484} is now open in Lo-Hi. Cameron Mitchell Restaurants, an Ohio based group behind concepts such as Ocean Prime and Rusty Bucket, have tapped their Italian-side, presenting a bustling cafe featuring classic staples. Executive Chef Jacob Glowacki has crafted a menu of family-friendly portions that is definitely worth several visits.

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Dubai Plans Tech Platform to Link All Attractions

  • The goal will be to provide a common guest experience through Dubai for all tourists and a common platform to link resellers and streamline distribution
  • This could potentially provide more leverage with attractions and operators by negotiating with resellers together, negotiating better terms as a single entity.
  • If this works, this could provide a model for other destinations and their attractions to look at in the future. No doubt other destinations and major attractions will be watching closely.
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STK Brings Sexy Back To Thursday Nights

Champagne on a Thursday

It goes without saying that STK {1550 Market Street, Denver; 720.597.8010} is not your father’s steakhouse. It exudes a level of chic sophistication and coolness that in many ways is unique to Denver. The music is loud and the service attentive, and if you’re dogmatic in your belief that steakhouses have to be wood-paneled and smell faintly of cigars then, well quite frankly, it might not be the place for you. But if you’re looking for something that’s fun and is as much an experience as a delicious meal (and STK certainly delivers on the food, more on that), it’s a restaurant that’s perfect for your next date night, dinner meeting or even just to grab a cocktail at their gorgeous bar.

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Drone Delivery Arrives With Flirtey

For the first time, a successful, Federal Aviation Administration approved, drone delivery in an urban environment has taken place and it’s causing a stir across the technology world. The most interesting development may be that a smaller company took on Goliaths like Amazon, Google, and Wal-Mart, and beat them.

Drones delivering consumer goods has been envisioned for awhile, but it has remained an elusive goal. Until now. A young company called Flirtey, led by CEO Matt Sweeny, has successfully achieved drone delivery of a consumer product. This may change how goods are transported for the foreseeable future. Nevada Governor, Brian Sandoval praised the company, “on successfully completing the nation’s first fully autonomous urban package delivery. I am thrilled that Flirtey is not only testing its cutting-edge technology in Nevada but also creating jobs through its headquarters relocation to Reno.”

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