Five Big Predictions for Tours, Activities & Attractions

2018 has been a wild year for the in-destination industry. We’ve seen mergers, acquisitions, new startups, and companies fold, along with large amounts of money being raised, particularly in the booking tech space. As we spend time with our families during the holidays, it’s worth taking stock of these changes. More importantly, it’s also the time to look towards the future. In this video, one of online travel’s first visionaries Erik Blachford, a venture investor and the former CEO of Expedia, shares his take on the future of our amazing industry. If you think you’ve heard all the predictions, a few of these might surprise you.

Blachford predicts that 5G and the growing availability of wifi will make it easier for mobile booking, leading to greater demand for same day booking options. He also sees that the average traveler will continue to want to emulate the ‘Anthony Bourdain’ style of travel. This means an emphasis on unique, original experiences. Customers will be broadcasting these experiences on Facebook Live and Instagram. However, there may be a backlash towards the unending social media promotion. Many travelers will seek off-the-grid and non-digital experiences. He also sees an increase in high-end experiences and tours that carry expensive price tags.

How to respond is a hard question to answer. But if you can stay aware of the changes it can help your company adapt. Make sure to check back with Arival to get the latest insights and news from the industry. We can’t wait to cover the exciting changes that are coming to the Best Part of Travel: Tours, Activities & Attractions.

Peter Gietl