Redefining Branding in an Online World

GetYourGuide is reshaping the dynamic between operators and online travel agencies (OTAs) with its new branded tour experiences, called Originals. In this engaging talk Tao Tao, Co-founder & COO at GetYourGuide explains the role of branding in tours and activities and the launch of their branded tours initiative and raises key questions about branding that every operator must try to answer for themselves.

With very few global brands in our industry, this move blurs further the already blurry lines in customers’ eyes over just who is the operator and what is the brand. GetYourGuide’s initiative also poses key questions for every tour and activity operator: What is their brand worth? Should they partner with a branding partner such as an OTA or other franchised tour brand?

This short talk will walk you through one OTA’s view and explore those key questions.   

Join us at Arival Berlin, where GetYourGuide Co-Founder & CEO Johannes Reck will open the Theater program with an Ask Me Anything interview with Arival’s Douglas Quinby. To learn more about our awesome lineup of speakers click here.

Peter Gietl